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Hi, my name is Laura Van Buskirk!

Welcome to my corner on the internet. It’s been a wild ride being a design and entrepreneur and I’m so grateful I can create things that people love to wear.

Anywho 2020 was a crazy year for us all and it was the year I got laid of. It was then that I decided to go full time as a jewelry designer. It was the only work from home job that I was qualified for. However that was not what God had in store for me. I sold some and gained experience during that period of time. I also moved out of Miami and back to Tampa bay FL. where I kept on trying and trying yet nothing was working out as I wanted it to.

Fast forward a few months into Feb of 2021 and started going to church IRL again (much better than online only church) there I met a guy… turns out he was the one I was praying for so long. Got back into retail in June of 2021 (my then fiancé said I had to get a job so I got one and it was my dream retail job) then in July of 2021 we got married!!!

Before I got married I decided to quit Instagram it was too distracting. I also put aside my dreams of having a jewelry company so I could focus on getting into the groove of being a godly wife…

Little did I realize that my husband would be such a wonderful pusher into this jewelry biz! He told me at the beginning of this year I had to sell 3 pieces and that’s what I did. He keeps raising the bar and I am soooo blessed to have his help and support. With his blessing I got back onto Instagram this year(he said I had to move beyond local only sales). Long story short I’m back and blessed and so excited to share all the cool jewelry awesomeness with you guys =)

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In other news… I’ve been interviewed!!!

Canvas Rebel 5/26/22

Voyage Miami 9/18/2019

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